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Enigmatic rock formations of 75 million years with strange shapes

Today, one of the favorite destinations for travelers is Thailand , the landscapes are really charming, and it is also a country that preserves unique species . On the other hand, it should be noted that it houses mysterious places, which attract more people to enjoy such wonderful panoramas.

A mysterious rock formation

One of the less visited destinations in the country previously was Hin Sam Wan , which in Spanish means: « Rock of the three whales ». As its name indicates, it is a rock formation that is around 75 million years old

Aerial view of the 75 million year old rocks. Courtesy: nationalgeographic.com

A place of difficult access

The giant stones are located exactly in the Bueng Kan region , about 750 kilometers away from Bangkok. But it is a tourist destination that many travelers have not had the opportunity to visit, since it is far from the south of the country.

How to get to Hin Sam Wan?

Although the enigmatic stones are in a difficult area to reach, there are 9 paths to access . Some trails are characterized by difficulty and are much longer. Even, it is estimated that the excursion lasts approximately a full day.

Three Whale Rock or Rock of the three whales, was included by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in the list of places that include natural and cultural wonders protected by the Thai government or the so-called 7 Greens .

Rocks in the shape of whales

The family of the “three whales” can be seen from a certain height , and draws the attention of any visitor, because it stands out from all the Thai mountains. Its name is due to the fact that, from a certain perspective, the rock formations look like a set of whales, however, for other people it seems something else.

This formation called Hin Sam Warn is nicknamed “the three whales” because seen from above they look like three whales swimming through the sea.

Another perspective of the rock formations

On the other hand, there are those who have declared that after looking closely at the rocks they have seemed to have the shape of a spaceship . The most surprising of all is that somewhat strange events have occurred in the place that seem to support this theory.

Mystery lovers love to visit Hin Sam Wan because it has been mentioned that it is an exciting journey. In addition, they have been able to witness the appearance of visual anomalies that can be seen in videos and photographs taken on the mountain . Is it possible that the area is visited by unknown beings?

Hin Sam Wan’s best-known hypothesis
From another perspective, this rock formation looks artificially made. Courtesy: dawantours.com

The theory that scholars have proposed is that Hin Sam Wan may have been built by ancient civilizations that were very advanced . However, it has not been possible to fully clarify this matter, and it is not known for what purposes it was used.

It is believed that visitors from some remote place came to Earth and built this mysterious structure. Which was used as an arrival runway for ships. In fact, those who have had the opportunity to appreciate the figures from above said that it seems that the stones were modified by someone .

The famous story of the arrival of the ancient astronauts

Hin Sam Wan (Three Whales Rock)When the rock formations were found, it was not the first time that ancient astronauts had reached Earth .

It may also interest you: Enigmatic rock of more than 10,000 years has symbols that have not been deciphered until now .

According to this story, the astronauts were beings from other worlds, who probably helped humanity to develop. And it is very possible that they were responsible for building the rocks, since for some theorists, the enigmatic place resembles a landing strip for advanced ships. Many think that when looking closely, it really does look like the stones were artificially modified.

Without a doubt, Hin Sam Warn is a beautiful place. But, is it a natural or artificial formation? You judge..


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