7 Best PDF to Word Converters For Windows PC

Most often, we interact with PDFs on our day to day engagements. They are the most efficient official documents since they cannot be altered by editing. Naturally, PDFs are not designed for editing making it difficult to make changes that may be important to you. In the event that you may need to edit, change the content or extract images you will need a PDF to word converter software. The web is full of conversion software but you may have realized that they are not perfectly designed to deliver the anticipated accurate results. As a result, most people end up getting frustrated with the PDF converters downloaded. There are several free and paid tools that can be used for PDF conversion to give accurate and results. However, not all software function in a similar manner as some are better than others in terms of accuracy. Therefore, this review will help you settle for the top PDF to word converter to ensure that you get one that is most useful in your personal or office work. Some of the converters to look out for include the following;

Talkhelper PDF to Word converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

Talkhelper is rather a new kid on the block but has been designed with rich resources to help you convert your PDF files to Word and vice versa. You are probably wondering why it is part of the best PDF to Word converters. The reason is that it has some of the top-notch features that make it compete with players that have been in the market for a longer time. Some of the things to expect include the following, a friendly user interface that highlights all the important icons that you need during the conversion. There is a left sidebar that has all the conversion options where you will find the PDF to Word option.

The process is quite easy as you only need to drag and drop the PDF file that you need to convert. Talkhelper has other features such as PDF merging and splitting, page extraction and many more that allow you to manipulate PDF files. In addition, you also get to enjoy unaltered results as the layout, images, and tables are unchanged after the conversion. This means that you get editable word files that you can manipulate as you wish. You can also choose to convert the Word document back to PDF files. I would say that Talkhelper is such an interesting software that assures quality results and is easy to use.

Nitro Pro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro Pro PDF to Word converter is an option worth considering if looking for simple and easy to use software. Most converters have opted to go for an interface that is similar to that of MS office. This is because it gives users an easy time to navigate. The same case applies to Nitro Pro PDF to DOX converter as the toolbars are patterned in a similar manner to that of the latest MS Office version. Converting PDF files to Word files is quite easy as you simply attach the PDF files and click on the convert command. Since the converter has numerous file output options you may need to specify that you want the files to be converted to DOCS format.


Batch PDF to Word conversion is possible and the files appear as tabs on the software making it easy to move between the files. Nitro Pro has several abilities that make it stand out such as the help section that can be used to gain more knowledge on the software. Nitro Pro supports twelve languages which come in handy when used for large businesses. What makes it efficient is that you can convert PDF to editable word files within a short time. You can, therefore, consider getting it for your day to day office or personal work.

Pdf2word Converter

pdf2word converter is the ultimate Windows application to help you convert PDF to Word files. The tool is quite simple to use as it comes with a simple UI. Firstly, all the configurable parameters are grouped in a single Window making navigation quite easy. In the event that you want to convert numerous PDF files to Word documents, then you can choose the batch conversion option. The process is fast and time-saving. You can also view each converted document after the process is complete to determine what to do with them. One of its best features is that it is compatible with all Windows versions.


One of the shortcomings that you get with the tool is that it does not retain the original layout of the document after the conversion process. In addition, it does not work well with PDFs that have tables and images as you may get a hard time trying to edit the Word document. As such, it is suitable for personal work as it cannot handle large sized files. Even if pdf2word is a small application compared to others discussed here, it has numerous benefits such as its small size and speed during PDF conversion.

Solid PDF to Word converter


Solid documents convert PDF to DOX files efficiently owing to some of its features that ease the process. The Word document that you get has perfect text, images, and layouts as the original documents. In addition, the word document is editable making it easy for you to work on the files. In addition, the tool promises an easy time while using it owing to its simple design. Some of the things that you should expect include the following; A somewhat crowded interface that has large icons broken into various sections. You will also get a learning sector whereby procedures on how to use the converter are clearly spelled out.

This feature ensures that a first time user can effectively navigate through the PDF to Word software. For starters, you can get a fifteen day trial period where you can test the features to decide whether you want to proceed with it. It is quite affordable and you get to enjoy converting your documents for personal use. The only shortcoming is that it cannot be used for large-scale business purposes as it lacks advanced security features.

Adobe Acrobat pdf converter

Adobe PDF converter has the ability to convert PDF file to editable word files. It is considered to be one of the best PDF to word converter as it combines both basic and advanced features. Though it is quite a complex tool, it has been simplified by customized toolbars and numerous video tutorials to enable you to easily navigate through the software. The menu bar highlights some of the most important tools. There is also a left side ribbon that highlights the viewing options. The right side features a panel for editing functions. The UI has been customized in such a way that it is easy to use even for a first timer. Converting PDFs to Word is quite easy as you only have to click on the convert action to get your word file which is easily editable. You also get perfect results after conversion as the original format is retained. Images and tables are unaltered making it the perfect conversion tool.


What makes it be one of the best PDF to Word converter is the fact that it recognizes 25 languages making it the ideal tool for multi-national companies. The PDF security features that one gets are way above what you would get with other converters. This is because you can redact sensitive information from a document, set up security passwords on documents and also modify the content of a file. Adobe Acrobat PDF to Word converter has a dedicated mobile application that allows the user to continue using the features even without their desktops. This is an outstanding feature as it places it above most PDF converters on the web. However, the tool is more expensive than its competitors but the features that one gets are worth paying the cost.

Smallpdf Conveter


Smallpdf is a unique and outstanding software for PDF to word conversion. It is a web-based application that can be used for personal use or in small businesses. What makes it better than other PDF to DOX converters is that there are no registration steps that one undertakes to use it. In addition, you don’t also need to download it as the conversion takes place online. First, it is easy to use as you only have to start the application, then drag and drop the PDF on the marked area. With that, you allow the software to convert your document whereby you can download it afterward. There are numerous features that you get such as, PDF compression. It allows you to compress your large documents into a smaller size making it easy for you to attach it to your email. The user can decompress their document to retain the original size. In addition, you can merge and split your PDF documents for ease when you are using them.

Finally, you can easily convert PDF to editable Word. The tool allows for batch conversion which ensures that you convert as many files as possible without any limitation. The converted Word files are similar to the PDFs and hence you have few adjustments to make. You can also edit the word files and later convert them back to PDF. Smallpdf is free but one can opt to upgrade it to the pro or business version for a small fee. The free version has few limitations such as not storing the converted files. The security features are also limited and you can therefore not protect your PDF files. The best part is that it is bug-free and you are not disrupted by numerous ads.

Nuance Power PDF Converter

Nuance Power is yet another tool that can be considered for PDF to Word conversion. It is a powerful software that delivers accurate PDF to DOX conversion. The converter has been designed with an easy to use interface that takes after the Microsoft Office style which is familiar to most people. Some of the features that you get include the ability to assemble, fill forms, combine and edit PDF files. The advanced converter has numerous security features that allow the user to protect their documents. It also allows more than one person to work on the same document over a network. The process of converting PDF files to word document is simple as one only needs to upload the PDF and click on the convert option.  The tool allows for batch conversion allowing the user to convert numerous files into editable Word document. The vice versa can also happen where you may want to convert Word files back to their original format after editing them.

For the standard, advanced and volume licensing, you get a free trial version where you try out the features for a few days to determine whether it is the right tool to use. The final verdict is that Nuance power PDF to word converter is one of the most efficient tools for business purposes. It has the ability to support the conversion of large files and its functionality is not limited making it one of the best PDF to Word converters.

The End

PDF to Word converters are easy to come along on the internet. Some are good while others have numerous flows. What determines a good converter is whether the time has been taken to design the software and ensure that it serves the users quite well. To begin with, all the software listed above have a friendly user interface which determines how an individual will interact with it. A complicated UI discourages users and first timers from using it. Therefore, all the listed software are easy to use and offer reliable results. For the paid versions, you will get a few days of trial to determine whether it is the best fit for you. There are also free web versions that are also worth the try but cannot be used for large-scale purposes.